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We’ve created a range of products that focus on the good stuff. The grains, the seeds, the fibre that allow you to be kinder to your body every day, making it even easier for you to be just that little bit healthier without compromising on taste.

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Whether you are looking to be kinder to your gut, love big soft slices without the gluten or need a lower carb option our health range has got you covered.


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Lower Carb

Lower Carb

Love big taste and less carbs? We've replaced some of the flour in our Lower Carb loaves with a tasty mix of seeds and grains to lower the carbs and up the protein without skipping out on taste.

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digestive wellbeing

Digestive Wellbeing

If you love bread and want to be kind to your gut we've got you. Our Digestive Wellbeing bread is baked with a unique blend of BARLEYmax™ - our special blend of fibre, seeds, and grains that supports good digestion, and is important for your overall health and wellbeing - without compromising on taste! 

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gluten free

Gluten Free

Full of all the good things you love about Helga's - without any of the gluten! Every slice is soft and tasty, so you can bring back bread and enjoy a delicious sandwich whenever you want. 

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