How do we make a delicious loaf of Helga's?

Perfect Loaf

The Helga's baking process begins with selecting the best combination of seeds, grains and flour. Our amazing bakers then mix together all of the ingredients and proof the dough to develop the classic Helga's flavour, before the loaf is ready for baking. Next step is into the oven, where our bakers keep a close eye to ensure the temperature is just right. Then the loaf is set aside for cooling, slicing and packaging. The amount of time and care we take at each step can be tasted in every bite. 

Essential Ingredients

Our bakers always select the best quality ingredients, the ones we know will bake the most delicious tasting loaf every time. The ingredients we use in our bread are delivered to the bakery, where the baking process can begin.

Dry Ingredients

Mixing It All Together

The next step in the process is mixing the essential ingredients. Our bakers combine the flour, yeast, salt, seeds, grains and any other ingredients that are required for the recipe. The ingredients are placed in a large mixer with a timer set to ensure it forms a smooth and elastic dough.


Waiting It Out

Once the dough has been mixed our bakers allow the dough to rest and rise, which helps to develop the flavour and texture of the bread that you know and love. The dough is placed in a warm, humid environment, which helps the yeast to activate and the dough to rise. This process can vary in time depending on the recipe and the temperature and humidity of the day.


Baking in the Oven

After the dough is ready, it is baked in an oven which is designed to produce even and consistent temperatures. The dough is carefully moved into the oven, and the temperature is closely monitored to ensure that the bread is baked just right. 


Sliced Up and Ready To Go

Once the bread has been baked, it is removed from the oven and left to cool. This helps to ensure that the bread is not too hot when it is packaged. Once the bread has cooled, it is sliced and popped in bags, ready for delivery to your favourite store.



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