5 Ways To Be Kinder To The Environment

Image of an extended hand with a plant

Being kind doesn’t only stop at acts of kindness towards each other, we can also take steps to be kinder to the environment! 

It’s hard to know where to start, so we’ve made a list of 5 easy changes you can make in your daily life as a starting point. 


1. Recycle

We all do our best to split our recycling and regular rubbish in our bins, but did you know you can recycle your Helga’s bread bags too? We’ve partnered with REDCycle and updated our bags so they are all 100% recyclable through participating stores! Find your nearest store here


2. Use a reusable coffee cup

If you, like many others, have a morning routine that includes walking to a nearby cafe and grabbing a takeaway coffee, switching to a reusable coffee cup is an easy way to reduce your environmental impact. Some cafes even offer a discount on reusable cups! 


3. Stop using plastic straws

We know you’ve all heard about this one before! Switching to non-plastic straws (or no straws at all) has become much more commonplace than in the past, and while most people automatically think of metal straws, we actually have so many options to choose from! If you don’t like the feeling of metal on your teeth or you’re prone to chewing your straws, you could opt for a silicone straw. If you prefer natural materials you could try a bamboo straw or a biodegradable paper straw.


4. Try composting!

All organic materials can be composted, and if you cook a lot of meals from scratch composting is an easy way to put your food scraps to good use. Not only is composting great for the environment, the commonly nicknamed “black gold” is a nutrient rich soil conditioner that you can use all over your garden when it’s ready, to encourage healthy plants. 


5. Turn off your power switches

Leaving your appliances switched off, but plugged into a power outlet that has its power switch turned on could still be using your electricity and increasing your environmental impact (not to mention your power bill!). Many appliances will still have a standby light or indicator - think: a red light on your T.V. to show you it’s off - that are still using your electricity even if the appliance is not in use. 



Want to know more about kindness?

We have commissioned McCrindle to create a report on the current state of kindness in Australia and give us a score that we’re calling The Kindness Index. You can enter your details below to get access to the full report, or we’ve together a Kindness Hub with all the info you need and we’ve collected some community stories and how-to guides in our Kindness Chronicles. 

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