4 Kind Messages To Text Your Family and Friends

Girl sitting on a grassy hill texting her friends

Family and friends play a huge role in most people’s lives, but when was the last time you sent them a message expressing your gratitude for having them in your life, or for supporting you through a hard time? Here are 4 options you could send to a family or friend to spread a little bit of kindness and make their day. 


1. “Thank you for being there for me” 

Thanking people for just being a part of your life can mean the world to them. Showing that you appreciate their presence and all they do for you can make their day and make your relationship stronger. 


2. “You’re doing great”

Show your loved ones that you see the work they’re putting in, and celebrate them! They’re trying their best and it feels great to know that the people close to you are seeing the effort you’re putting in.


3. “How are you?”

Reach out to your friends and family to check in on them - if they’ve been a little bit distant or under a lot of stress they may really appreciate you reaching out and giving them the space to share how they’re feeling with you.


4. “I hope you have a lovely day” 

Wishing your friends and family a lovely day shows them that you’re thinking of them and hoping the best for them, and they’ll probably wish you one too! 


So take the plunge, send that message and open a dialogue with your family and friends - knowing that you're thinking of them will make their day, and they might even have some kind words to send right back to you too! 



Want to know more about kindness?

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